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Cooling Towers





  • Cooling capacity:49.53 รท 1084.88 kW

DescriptionEvaporative cooling tower in fibreglass treated with protection against atmospheric agents. Available in 17 different sizes (standard or low-noise) with an inspection hatch fitted as standard.

Evaporative fibreglass tower for avoiding problems of corrosion, solar irradiation, sudden temperature changes or abrasion caused by bad weather. The three largest sizes have a load-bearing structure in galvanised steel with fibreglass sandwich panels filled with foam material to ensure good mechanical resistance and optimum sound absorption. Exchange pack and drop separator in self-extinguishing PVC. Water distribution tubes in PVC with propylene nozzles. Built-in hydrometer for a rough calculation of the water flow rate from nozzle pressure drops. Plastic purging tap, high-efficiency axial fan with several blades, water collection basin in polyester resin and protection grille on the blast tube of the fan.