Our elevation systems are suitable for any type of solution, through accurate analysis of customer needs, which is followed by targeted planning and installation. The project planning and precise realization is completed by high quality materials thanks to our partnerships with leading technology companies, ensures the best user satisfaction, both for public and private clients. The SERCOM is an industry leader of vertical movement. The range of SERCOM offers the best product solutions, in architectural and aesthetic terms. The products of the company meet customer’s and designer’s needs.

The SERCOM does not deal only with design and installation of any standard system type of for moving people and things. The company produces also a wide range of specialized equipment, always at the top of the functional and operational characteristics.


The load-bearing structure proposed by SERCOM is an industrial product, used in thousands of installations that  enables to blend a modern, high performance device with the architecture, the colors and the materials of existing buildings. All the shaft cover panels are made with I.T. controlled machines in epoxy-painted steel, stainless steel, aluminum or copper; and the shape of the fixing profiles seals up perfectly the glasses. The structures limit the ‘environmental impact, with the extreme flexibility are used in the field of restructuring. Our high quality solutions are characterized by continuous innovation and aesthetic appeal blend with: “Italian technology, intellect and  materials”


The car frame is the metal structure, that is mounted inside the cabin. SERCOM offers the widest range of car frames for hydraulic and electrical installations with machine room or machine room-less (MRL). Only the high-tech machines are used to create the product that increases marketshare.