SunLift is a certified product proposed by SERCOM.


SunLift is a result of long experience in the platform lift market and co-operation with the best elevator components’ manufacturers and presented as the SERCOM response to the customer’s requests and expectations as regards this lift solution.




SunLift is extremely versatile, suitable for any shaft dimension and condition of private houses, shops and stores. SunLift responds to your custom needs, thanks to the wide range of finishes and colors available. SunLift is a hydraulic lift, noiseless and discreet. It removes physical obstacles and makes your house a perfect comfortable and relaxing place.


SunLift suits in both indoor and outdoor shafts. It can be easily installed and does not need masonry works. Energy consumption is reduced, like that of commonly used electric household appliances.




SunLift is available for car loads from 250 to 320 kg; 2-5 stops; one or  two entrances.
Pit needed is only 150 mm deep. Min. energy consumption is 1.8 kW, 220/240 Volt.
Versions with automatic telescopic doors and hinged doors are both available.