Control Products


IGBT and SCR Control Products

PCTI’s control products include IGBT boards, SCR Controller System Boards (firing circuit, regulator, and bias power supply) and Line Protection Modules (below).

IGBT Drive Board for IGBTs, MOSFETs and MCTs

PCTI’s OEM drive was designed to utilize the full capabilities of single and halfbridge IGBT, MOSFET and MCT technology. Our drive is the only fully-engineered, and completely cost effective solution which can address any commercially available rating of these devices on the market. Use the Medium Power IGBT Drive for devices up to 600A, 1700V or theHigh   Power Drive for devices up to 2400A, 2600V. PCTI’s family of IGBT driver boards will enable you to confidently implement and switch the latest switching devices to take advantage of higher performance parameters within your equipment. PCTI’s driver boards offer a complete solution to driving your IGBTs; there is no need for additional components or circuitry that can add to the cost of your designs.  Right click to download a general brochure on PCTI’s IGBT drives.