Universal DSP Controller



PCTI’s Universal DSP Controller may be the only control board that you’ll ever need. This revolutionary control solution provides easily customizable control solutions for any power electronic product via software modification. It has a wide variety of applications within power conversion equipment including power supplies, UPS’s and motor drives. PCTI began research on DSPs for industrial applications in 1994 and successfully implemented them into end-use production in 1998. The DSPs presently used are the Analog Devices ADMC401 as well as the Texas Instruments TMS 2808. Research has also been conducted on the Analog Devices 21000 line of DSPs. We are now migrating to our sixth generation of DSP control with Texas Instrument’s TMS320F28M36, which combines C2000 floating point DSP and Cortex M3 ARM in one single chip. Floating point DSPs enable more advanced control algorithms, while M3 ARM can implement control panel and remote communications for our machines.