3rd Rail Transportation Maintenance Inverter From 3KVA to 150KVA



PCTI’s portable third rail inverter is powered directly from the 600VDC third rail to provide clean power for track tools. The unique software capabilities of the digital signal processor (DSP) control allow for universal input. Thus, the inverter can take the typically dirty power within a wide range from 300V to 700VDC and convert it to clean sine wave power capable of powering the most sensitive electronic equipment. The power provided by PCTI’s Third Rail inverter is better than that provided by many power companies.
Standard are a number of protective features that protects maintenance personnel and also protects the inverter from damage caused by a variety of conditions including input polarity reversal. A complete dead front design with no metal parts on the exterior to provide maximum protection to maintenance personnel.
The light weight fiberglass enclosure allows for easy transportation of the inverter. The inverter is the lightest available on the market today: the 3.5KVA inverter weighs only 42 lbs and can power a 4 1/2HP compressor.

The clamps and cables for the third rail portable inverters are optional items sold separately from the inverter. The red clamp is for the positive 600VDC third rail. It connects on the base underneath the rail. The black is attached to the negative return rail.


The inverter can be used to run track tools for moving maintenance or permanent installations such as car signals. The inverter may also be used to power the same when local power goes down.