DC Power Supplies from 5KW to 15MW



PCTI’s regulated DC power supplies are a solid state unit utilizing primary SCR (thyristor) technology in a full-bridge rectifier, constant voltage control, constant current control, automatic crossover series regulation, DC filter, instrumentation, and many operational and protective monitoring features. PCTI’s High-Precision class of DC power supplies use an SCR preregulator to achieve high efficiency, low ripple, precise regulation and low output noise. Power supply designs are available in ratings from 5KW to 15MW with current ratings up to 120kA.


PCTI power supplies and systems can be used where ever DC power is required and are at work today in hundreds of industrial, commercial, research, transit and military applications including electrochemical, steel, welding, plating, circuit breaker testing, busbar testing, desalinization, grid tie in, and aircraft engine starting. Each unit is based on standard designs and precision engineered to meet your specific application. Our power supplies are available as regulated or non-regulated for a variety of industrial or laboratory environments.